Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fun with scriptJobs (maya)

i did a small test to mimic bi-directional attribute settings....

download the maya file here

open the file, select any one cube and move it. The other cube's translateX will update ! i'm using a two script jobs and a script node which hosts a global procedure which does all the trick !

drop me your comments on this... can this be used in production or have you any tricks similar to this ?

Inspiring Technology

true 3D Paint ! thanx to bclark

and rigging in real life!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Old stuff i dug out !

my old maya doodles !

About how i was behind dynamic maya behaviour!

Check out the page > FmFA (fire my function attributes)

Python !! started learning !!

started doing some python, after 1 yr of anticipation !

I'm working on making a MAYA pdc format to realflow converter python script. Still WIP. My first script at attempting some like this! think of it as more of a practice session with the deadly language !

Idea comes from this thread...

Shifted to singapore..

I'm in singapore... joined VHQ post and this sure is a organized and modern place!

will be working no tools and tech support... for vhq..

check out http://www.vhqpost.com