Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Abishek 's new site !

heyaaa !!!

abishek (vfx sup at vhq post), my friend has finally(!) started blogging and here he is with his neat articles !! you get alot of info, education, fun, reviews, pictures, tastes and whistles..... bla bla bla..... where all the greens and blues of things are keyed out v.v.v.v.v.neatly ! heres > www.abisheknair.com

check out his site and article on stereoscopy... and this project AVIE where i had my chance of working on stereo stuff !!

News Updates !

Hiiiiii !!!!

yes yes, time to update some blog news ! alot has been happening in my personal life. I'm now a happy married man :)

me and my wife have come back to singapore this month to start our new life ! and feels so good to be with your loved ones ! and a big thankyou to all friends and relatives who came to bless us both on our wedding... :)

uummm... !!! yummyy home food lovingly prepared and served and feels so nice to love and being loved ! man !! this is life !

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Update !!!! Maya PDC TO RF BIN

hi people,

its been a long while i updated the blog.. lots of things happened meanwhile..

but importantly i have to update that - Maya PDC TO RF BIN (python tool) i was working on has been put up in Highend3d and ReafFlow scripting sites. So pls feel free to pass me your comments and feedback...

my friend Braam tried this tool and here is what he said...

"I loaded the two versions of BIN sequence (2000 particles and 40
000 particles) converted using your script, into Reaflow and I messed
around. No problem at all! No issues!

I converted PDC files to BIN on Windows machine and the Realflow is on
linux superbox. To make sure, I have also tried loading BIN into Realflow
on my windows laptop - stable and no problem!


It is truly amazing considering that your script converts 40000 particles
at the rate of 5 frames per minute on my laptop (not as powerful as linux
superbox, maybe 1/4 powerful) compared to 2 hours per frame inside realflow
on linux superbox (eight-core, 8 gig ram) !"

I plan to consolidate few other particle tools which i hopefully can bring under a single unified tool !! lot of stuff done recently on particles.. so keep watching ...