Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Update !!!! Maya PDC TO RF BIN

hi people,

its been a long while i updated the blog.. lots of things happened meanwhile..

but importantly i have to update that - Maya PDC TO RF BIN (python tool) i was working on has been put up in Highend3d and ReafFlow scripting sites. So pls feel free to pass me your comments and feedback...

my friend Braam tried this tool and here is what he said...

"I loaded the two versions of BIN sequence (2000 particles and 40
000 particles) converted using your script, into Reaflow and I messed
around. No problem at all! No issues!

I converted PDC files to BIN on Windows machine and the Realflow is on
linux superbox. To make sure, I have also tried loading BIN into Realflow
on my windows laptop - stable and no problem!


It is truly amazing considering that your script converts 40000 particles
at the rate of 5 frames per minute on my laptop (not as powerful as linux
superbox, maybe 1/4 powerful) compared to 2 hours per frame inside realflow
on linux superbox (eight-core, 8 gig ram) !"

I plan to consolidate few other particle tools which i hopefully can bring under a single unified tool !! lot of stuff done recently on particles.. so keep watching ...


anbu said...

i've tried to export selected attributes on a particleshape .
but script failed to convert pdc to bin .can you tell me which attributes i have to export for the script to work.

Anonymous said...

it can read pdc which is above 2gb (single pdc cache file )!

Anonymous said...

btw the particles count is around 7 million

Anonymous said...

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